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Apollo is an RFT (IBM Rational Functional Tester) Runtime Emulation product that enables existing IBM RFT scripts to run without RFT. Apollo uses Selenium as its browser access engine, which puts you on the path towards Selenium.

RFT: A legacy tool

RFT is now a legacy product with a limited support life. Selenium is the future technology.

Plan your migration

Existing RFT users should be planning their migration strategy from RFT to Selenium.

Reuse, don't rebuild

Preserve the value in existing qualified regression scripts. By keeping your existing RFT test scripts and migrating to a Selenium based emulation your value is preserved.

Migration not conversion

Migrate into a Selenium based environment using the Apollo RFT Runtime Emulation. Conversion from RFT is an expensive process requiring a rewrite from RFT into Selenium. Why rewite when you can migrate. RFT end of life does not mean your scripts are worthless.

Reduce training costs

By migrating, your existing skill set is maintained, whilst still learning the new Selenium technology.

Save time on test validation

On Apollo, the SAME RFT scripts produce the SAME results. Because your test scripts don't change, what passed and failed before continues with Apollo, making it easy to compare the previous results and prove that your getting the same results.

RFT Migration

Although the Apollo solution doesn’t cover all of the extensive RFT services and classes, it does implement all the important and commonly used methods. RFT classes which are not implemented can be requested, or substituted by direct access to the Selenium API.

RFT licenses or renewals

After migration you no longer need RFT.

Apollo uses Azure marketplace.

Delivered on an "as needs" basis.

Massively parallel

There is no limit on installations.

This means test execution can scale up.

License limits of RFT are a thing of the past.

Migrate today

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Frequently Asked Questions.

RFT Object Map

Selenium technology does not use or implement object maps. The migration path requires you to “de-map” the RFT test scripts. Selenium implements several different element search methods. Apollo implements an extensive and sophisticated xpath processor.

Demapping Guide

Data Pools

Selenium does not implement data pooling functions. Instead, Java libraries provide basic file access to data to drive tests.

For more sophisticated data management tools like TAFPro can be used.

TAFPro Website

Data Pool Guide

Apollo Installation

Apollo is simply downloaded from the Azure Marketplace.

The Apollo jar files replaces RFT. Configure each installation with details of your Azure Subscription.

Installation Guide

Apollo Support

About Us

We are the Test Specialists

TestPro has a specialist test focus, offering consulting services and product expertise in the software quality, testing and automation area. Our experience has been gained through many delivery exercises, working on web-based systems, ERP incl. SAP, PeopleSoft and Oracle, plus a wide range of custom applications.

Our focus is on assisting you to deliver projects at a higher quality and with less risk, using our specialist expertise. We blend expertise from other areas of the Software Development Life Cycle with core testing.

Experience and Innovation

With our experience in implementing the leading software quality tools, we can assist you to improve processes relating to Requirements Management and Testing and deliver automation into a test environment faster and at a lower cost, and reduce the quality risk for your project.

Diverse Skill Sets

Each person within TestPro has come from backgrounds where project and/or product experience has been a significant aspect. Our consultants have worked for IBM and Rational, Hewlett Packard and Mercury, Ernst and Young and other professional services firms. This knowledge enables a breadth of experience to exist within the team from product vendors and from large consulting and hardware firms.

We support both Public and Private Sectors

TestPro continues to grow and support both Corporate and Government organisations, IT Vendors and Service Providers in their aim to reduce their project risk and deploy high quality software for clients. We look forward to working with you to achieve this.

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